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Somerset County New Jersey Revolutionary War Historic Sites
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Basking Ridge

Basking Ridge Presbyterian Church
1 East Oak St.

Washington Route Marker
N. Maple Rd. and Madisonville Rd.

Revolutionary War Hospital Site
N. Maple Ave.

Lord Stirling Estate Site
Lord Stirling Rd. and S. Maple Ave.

Widow White's Tavern Site
S. Finley Ave. and Colonial Dr.

French Soldier Encampment Site
Valley Rd.

Kennedy-Martin-Stelle Farmstead
450 King George Rd.

The Grain House
225 Rte. 202


Washington Route Marker
Rte. 202-206 & Washington Valley

Washington Route Marker
254 Rte. 202-206

Jacobus Vanderveer House
Rte. 202/206

Reformed Church Cemetery
Rte. 202 / 206

Belle Mead

Harlingen Ref. Church Cemetery
Rte. 206, behind the Audio Cafe


John Parker Tavern
2 Morristown Rd. (Rte. 202)

Washington Route Marker
In front of the John Parker Tavern

Bound Brook

Frelinghuysen Tavern Site
213 East Main St.

Battle of Bound Brook Monument
East High St.
(Inside Billian-Legion Park)

Old Stone Bridge /
Battle of Bound Brook Markers

Railroad Ave. off Main St.

Old Presbyterian Graveyard
East High St. and East St.

Bound Brook Cemetery
409 Mountain Ave.


Washington Route Marker
Finderne Ave. near Van Veghten Dr.

Washington Route Marker
Foothill Rd. and Allen Rd.

Washington Camp Ground
Middlebrook Encampments Site

Middlebrook Rd.

1777 Encampment Site Marker
Chimney Rd. and Gilbride Rd.

Bolmer Farm Road.

Van Horne House
941 East Main St.

Van Veghten House
Van Veghten Rd.

Bolmer Farm House
West Circle Dr.

Bolmer Cemetery
Middle Rd.

Franklin Township

Hendrick Fisher Homestead
1960 Easton Ave.

Franklin Inn
2371 Amwell Ave.

Voorhees Home Site
1719 Amwell Rd.

Green Brook

Washington Rock State Park
Washington Ave.


Washington Route Marker
Canal Rd. near Copper Mine Rd.

Hillsborough Township

Van Nest Burying Ground
Millstone River Rd. and Schmidt St.


Kingston Presby. Church Cemetery
• Washington Route Marker
Conference on Horseback Sign

Main St. and Church St.

Rockingham Historic Site
84 Laurel Ave.

Liberty Corner

French Army Encampment Site
Valley Rd.


Hillsborough Reformed Church
1 Amwell Rd.

Burned Somerset County Courthouse Monument
13 South River St.

Montgomery Township

Historic River Road and Crossing
River Rd. and Griggstown Causeway


Wells Farm Burying Ground
Main St. and Warren St.

Smalley Farm Burying Ground
Easton Ave. and Demott Lane


Washington's Route Marker
Main St. and Warren St.

Wallace House
71 Somerset St.

Old Dutch Parsonage
71 Somerset St.

South Bound Brook

Battle of Bound Brook
South Battlefield Markers

South Main St.

Abraham Staats House
17 Von Steuben Ln.


Kirch-Ford House
1 Reinman Rd.

Mt. Bethel Meeting House
Mountainview Rd. and Mt. Bethel Rd.