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Rosemont, New Jersey Revolutionary War Sites
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Revolutionary War New Jersey
Gravesite of Captain Daniel Bray
Daniel Bray
Rosemont, New Jersey

Rosemont Cemetery
100 Kingwood Stockton Rd.
Map / Directions to Rosemont Cemetery

Before Washington's famous Crossing of the Delaware River on Christmas 1776, he ordered all boats collected from along the river. One of the officers who led parties of soldiers to collect the boats was Captain Daniel Bray (October 12, 1751 - December 5, 1819), who is buried in Rosemont Cemetery next to his wife Mary and oldest son John. A stone was placed in front of their three original gravestones in 1931, with a plaque commemorating Captain Bray's roll in collecting the boats.

This is a large cemetery. However, it is easy to find Captain Bray's gravesite; a sign in front of the cemetery's front wall points with an arrow to the location.

Among the other men involved with collecting the boats were Jacob Gearhart, whose house is in Franklin Township, and Thomas Jones, whose tavern is in Annandale. Like Daniel Bray, both of these men served as Captains in the Second Battalion of the Hunterdon County Militia. [1]

There is at least one other Revolutionary War soldier buried in Rosemont Cemetery: Ensign John Cowdrick (1741 - 1818), who also served in the second Battalion of the Hunterdon County Militia. [2]

Revolutionary War New Jersey

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• Birth and death dates from Captain Bray's gravestone.
• The plaque was erected in 1931 by the General Mercer Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution

2. ^ Plaque at John Cowdrick's grave in Rosemont Cemetery