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New Milford, New Jersey Revolutionary War Sites
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Revolutionary War New Jersey
French Cemetery - New Milford NJ
French Burial Ground

New Milford New Jersey in the Revolutionary War

French Huguenot–Demarest Cemetery
Patrolman Ray Woods Drive
Map / Directions to the French Cemetery

The cemetery is enclosed within a fence, and is usually closed to the public.
It is occasionally open for special events and tours.

Check the Events page of the Bergen County Historical Society website to see if there are any upcoming events.

There are four known Revolutionary War soldiers buried here: [1]

Cornelius Bogert
Private - Bergen County, 1st Regiment, NJ Militia
August 9,1744 - September 30,1825

Peter Demarest
Hathorn's Regiment, NY Militia
1756 - ?

Uzal Meeker
1st Lieutenant - Spencers Regiment, Continental Troops
August 15, 1757 - September 3,1829

John Van Norden
Private - Captain Moore's Company, 2nd Regiment, Somerset County Militia
1732 - 1810

Revolutionary War New Jersey

Source Notes:

1. ^ Soldier names, dates, and military information are drawn from markers in the cemetery. Each of these four soldiers have modern Veterans Affairs markers to replace their original gravestones.
Transcriptions of all of gravestones in the cemetery inventory were recorded by the New Milford Girl Scout Troop 52 in 2002. This document is available on the Bergen County Historical Society website, broken into two PDFs:



• Note that Peter Demarest's marker lists 1884 as the year of his death. Since this is obviously a mistake (which would have meant he died at age 118), his death year has been given as a question mark in the above entry.